How to book a Luxury Holiday Villa

Sit back and let us do the job of finding the perfect luxury holiday villa for your upcoming trip

Maisonbulle Homes is a Bespoke Holiday Rental Home Advisor. The destinations currently covered are the magical and tropical island of Bali Indonesia and the beautiful romantic Lake Como Italy.

We offer only the most beautiful and exclusive properties, in which to experience unique, inspired, and intimate holidays as a family or with friends.

We value individuality, and welcome every request with an initial phone call or email exchange, whichever suits you best, to understand your wishes and particulars.

Once these are established, we make it our priority to find you the perfect abode.

Following is an outline of the ensuing processes involved in booking your exclusive holiday rental home:

Luxury Villa Rental Advisor Bali

Complimentary consultation

Everything is better served when understood thoroughly. We take your holiday rental wish very seriously, and place great care and attention to acquire a detailed understanding of the feel you are after, the composition of your group and the particulars of each and everyone within it. This consultation is generally conducted via phone or email, whichever suits you best, and is a most essential part in the process of finding the home of your dream for your holiday.

Luxury Villa Rental Advisor Bali

Establishment of a detailed proposal of matching holiday rental homes, held for your review

You will receive a primary list of suitable holiday rental homes, as per the details and wishes originally expressed. Once you have selected one or more homes that are attracting your attention, a temporary hold will be placed on your selection to allow for the time to carry out any additional surveying you may be needing to finalise your choice and ensure the absolute compatibility of the home that is to become yours for the length of your sojourn.

Luxury Villa Rental Advisor Bali

Confirmation of the home of choice

Once your choice is made, we will be forwarding you the booking agreement for your chosen holiday rental home, with a recapitulation of all confirmed features and the property rental terms, along with the invoice of your stay.
This documents are for your review to ensure that all is provided as you wish. They then need to be returned signed with your payment of 50% to 100% * of total stay, and extra services if any, to secure the property.

*Percentage of payment depends on time remaining prior to arrival.

Luxury Villa Rental Advisor Bali

Invoice balance & payment prior to arrival

If your initial payment was a partial one, a request for the balance amount of your confirmed stay will be forwarded to you as per the pre established time framed confirmed in your booking agreement. An additional receipt confirming the full reception of all dues, will be sent forth once funds are received.

Luxury Villa Rental Advisor Bali

Check-in information

A little ahead of your arrival in your holiday rental home, you will receive a welcome letter to the property containing your itinerary information, the property manager’s contact and any additional local contact and details you may need to ensure you a smooth arrival and stay.

Luxury Villa Rental Advisor Bali

Arrival at the property

From then on it is all about you having the most wonderful time. The property’s personel will be there to ensure that all your needs and request are looked after as they arise, and that your stay is a most pleasant and memorable one. We will nonetheless remain available to assist with anything that may need our attention.

Wishing you the most fabulous time always,
Alessandro & Stephanie

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