Bali Indonesia

The island of Bali has for centuries been considered the jewel of the Indian Ocean, attracting in its embrace the most discerning of travellers. Graceful, magical and tropical indeed, staying in an exclusive private home for rent in Bali reveals a world of compelling beauty and absolute relaxation.


ali, though an island rather small in scope with its 140km distance from east to west and 80km only from north to south, is as diverse as can be.

Some dream it as a tropical paradise, with revering and fascinating people, intricate architecture, great expanse of beautifully terraced rice cultures, towering volcanoes and such a flora, one can only succumb to its charm. Others simply picture it as the ultimate hedonist’s haven in which to experience the most indulgent of lifestyle.

It is in the wake of this fabled account that many have chosen to make home in Bali, and acquire a little of its magic, for themselves to hold and preciously enjoy. Elegant testimony of contemporary tropical style, or tasteful revival of the classic architectural atmosphere of the region, each of the Maisonbulle luxury holiday homes and estates for rent in Bali reflects in its design the individual character, and style influences gathered along travels by its owners.

Born from the fantasy of worldly wanderers, who experienced on this blessed land a small taste of paradise, each and every home now stands as a beautiful ground in which to experience the magic of Bali. Soothing and indulgent, life within one of our astonishing luxury tropical estate and private homes available for exclusive rental on the island of the gods is guaranteed to be addictive and delightfully enjoyed by all.

Bali Indonesia Cerimony
Bali Indonesia by the sea

The magnificence of tropical lushness and the stunning landscapes that unveils at the foot of its seven volcanoes, its vibrant culture and traditions, the delicate beauty of its people and the fascinating intricacy of its arts and crafts work, have forever, contributed to the magic of Bali. A magic that has fed myths and countless dreams to wander on these shores.

Writers, anthropologists, musicians, painters and collectors alike, have perpetuated the fashion for the island of the gods flavour, for over a century. A flavour that has charmed a host of the world aristocracy and jet set bohemians who, in counterparts, very much influenced the current state of its architectural prose and happening lifestyle trend.

Dry Season

May to September

Average temperature: 28 degrees celsius.

Atmosphere: Warm and pleasant.

Sunshine: Predominant and soothing.

Rain: Shy and absent.

Dress code: Casual and comfortable summer clothing, with a preference for natural and fluid fibres such as cotton, linen, silk, viscose or mix. July and August can be quite chilly at night, thus light knits are a great addition to any suitcase.

Note on choosing a villa: The dry season is the best time to enjoy the typical outdoor living style of the tropics. This is the time to enjoy open air bathrooms, open living and the many variation of the creative tropical architecture present in Bali.

Wet Season

October to April

Average temperature: 32 degrees celsius.

Atmosphere: Intense and dramatic.

Sunshine: Intermittent.

Rain: Confidently present.

Dress code: Loose casual light summer wear, with a must for natural and fluid fibres such as cotton, silk, linen, viscose or mix. Flip-flops and other sandals are an all year round must. Don’t forget to pack a small retractable umbrella!

Note on choosing a villa: Rain must be taken in consideration. Although Bali is truly magical and it is somewhat liberating to shower under a starry sky and enjoy the constant breeze present in an open living room, it is wise to ponder on the effect the hot and humid air may have on your stay.

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