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Extraordinary luxury holiday homes for exceptional holidays


With a belief that luxury and elegance, far from being pretentious, are rather natural expressions of authentic living, Maisonbulle was established on the dawn of the year 2008, as an online portfolio of exclusive luxury holiday homes for rent on the island of Bali.

Conceived by Alessandro Luppi and Stephanie Robert, the Maisonbulle Homes collection has grown to be known internationally for its individual perspective and tailored service to discerning travellers searching for inspiring and beautiful vacation homes.

from 9…

Within the 6 years that followed, Maisonbulle’s curated catalogue, and their original selection of 9 properties, naturally evolved to include the most unique properties of the island. Noteworthy for their personal stylish interiors, most unique environment, outstanding location and exceptional service, the Maisonbulle Homes properties are often times featured in the likes of the Robb report, Elle Decor, Tatler, Architectural Digest and the likes. With such unique highlighting, a world apart from the luxury cookie cutter trend, Maisonbulle established a confident reputation and came to be known as the collection for intimate prestigious abode

to a 1000

With a client base of a 1000 customers, continually expressing their wish to repeat their holiday stay experience, in discerning and uniquely selected property in Bali; as well as further requesting advice on where to settle for their next break the world over, 2014 has seen a change of focus within the Maisonbulle’s headquarter. A change that has inspired us to expand our playing ground, and ultimately ascribe the Maisonbulle’s selective stamp to properties internationally.


Maisonbulle launches “The Maisonbulle Homes collection”, a curated selection of unique luxury holiday homes for rent the world over, gathered with the same discerning and exquisite uniqueness. While, selected portraits of the homes that inspire us are published regularly in our special online features, our new format thrives on personal exchanges and individual considerations. It is individuality that make for the key element we need to establish the tailored selection of one-of-a-kind exclusive luxury holiday homes we are known for, and ultimately bring together the perfect home to its perfect guest.

And from the glamorous scenery of Europe to the trendy exotic wonder of Asia, our search for the perfect luxury holiday abode knows no boundaries.

Who we are

Alessandro Luppi

Founder & Managing Director

Originally from Milan Italy, Alessandro an established architectural and interior photographer, formerly travelled the world as a successful model for years. These voyages took him to some outstanding locations and gave him a taste for the unique and remarkable, while refining his taste for the exceptional. It is in the wake of these voyages and upon meeting with Stephanie, that the idea of creating a portal that would allow them to originally provide others with the same intimate access they both had been enjoying for years, to some highly desirable properties of friends and family; amazing homes he saw laying dormant, while not occupied by their vacationing owners. His determination, commitment and true sense of responsibility are the qualities that have supported the creation of Maisonbulle from the beginning, and the growth of the company to reach the excellence in service it is today known for.

Stephanie Robert

Founder & Director

Born and raised in Paris, to a most classic French family, her flair for the inherent luxury of life was delivered at birth. A passionate creative, she travelled extensively for years, both for the pleasure of discovery, and the need of her former passion and profession as a furniture designer. There is for her no greater inspiration and pleasure than to be surrounded by a beautiful environment, and wherever she goes, homes come to life in the most eloquent manner. An artist in her own rights, and a passionate cook, are but a few other characteristics she is known for.
These qualities make her a searched host and requested adviser for all lifestyle matter. She takes the greatest pleasure in witnessing the joy a well matched holiday retreat procures to its temporary resident, and is the at the source of the exceptional character of the Maisonbulle’s collection.